My Approach

My work with patients is based on a contemporary psychoanalytic approach. I think of therapy as a "meeting of minds" - the interaction between patient and therapist - that creates an opportunity for growth and healing. I believe that focused, empathic and compassionate attention from another human being can have a profound impact. This special, therapeutic attention, in regular and consistent sessions, and in the calm, quite repose of the therapy space, is the main vehicle of change. In the same way that a plant needs the right environment in which to flourish and grow, so too does the inner world of a human being. I see my role as a therapist as one in which I help patients: deepen their awareness of their emotional lives; get in touch with aspects of themselves that they are out of touch with; foster the integration of varied aspects of themselves; establish and maintain healthy and satisfying relationships. I consider this approach respectful and humanistic, as well as highly effective for a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems.